Why you should not bet on a fake Dafabet website

Dafabet is one of the leading online gaming and betting brands in Asia. Unlicensed operators have copied the Dafabet site in attempts to scam unsuspecting customers. Due to the lack of regulation, there are numerous risks when customers bet on a fake website.

Due to the absence of regulation
  1. Deposits made to a fake website are not honored.
  2. Promotions listed on a fake website are not recognized.
  3. In the event that bets have been placed, winning bets in the fake website are not recognized.
  4. Personal details will be in peril and can be sold without your permission.
  5. Bank account details will be jeopardized.
  6. Feedbacks and complaints on issues arising from fake websites will not be attended to.
  7. Remedies are not available if problems arise.
Customers are strongly advised to apply caution when encountering a fake website

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