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Learn how to differentiate a real Dafabet website from a fake one

To ensure that a website is a Dafabet-owned website, all of the things below must be present

  • Security Feature
    When accessing real Dafabet websites, just look for the green padlock beside URL More details

    Real Dafabet websites ensure the protection of all player details, thus Dafabet websites are now SSL-enabled, while majority of fake websites have no SSL encryption thus player details are unsafe.

    Real Dafabet Website
    Fake Dafabet Website
  • Multiple Territories Available
    Dafabet is available in multiple languages, and has multiple email addresses, and International Toll-Free Numbers More details

    Real Dafabet websites have different languages available for all of its target markets. When checking if a site is legitimate, simply click on the different languages – the website is fake when it does not have multiple languages.

    In addition to the above, Real Dafabet has multiple International Toll Free contact numbers and email addresses with Dafabet domain for its different territories, while fake websites only has one number, mostly Philippine number, starting in +63 or 0063, and one email address, usually using different email providers like GMAIL.

  • High Quality Images
    Dafabet ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images More details

    Being one of the leading online gaming and betting brands worldwide, Dafabet ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images. On the other hand, fake Dafabet websites only use low-quality, pixelated images that disrupts player experience.

  • Redirects to Dafabet Website
    All real Dafabet logo or any other images should always redirect to a Dafabet website with all the features above More details

    Phishing, or redirection, is when an infringer pretends to be Dafabet in an attempt to get sensitive player information by using Dafabet logo, or any other Dafabet image in their websites that would redirect a player to a fake or a non-Dafabet site.

  • Dafabet Does Not Authorize Its Competitors
    Dafabet is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf More details

    Many websites claim that Dafabet is blocked and has authorized its competitor to operate for them. Dafabet is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf. When you encounter a website stating that a competitor is operating on behalf of Dafabet, this website is fake.

How to Spot a Fake Email

Fake Dafabet emails are sent by hackers with malicious intent to try and trick victims with fake information and redirection links, solely for their own benefit.

Here are some ways to identify legitimate Dafabet emails from the malicious fake ones:

Email Template
Dafabet will always address existing players in all emails by their username/first name and never just “player”. Misspellings and grammatical errors can also be signs that the email is a fake.
Promises of suspicious amounts of bonuses
Fake emails may attempt to lure players in by displaying large bonuses or rewards.
Account Update
Dafabet will never ask or request player to change any account information and password unless requested by player from our customer support.
Redirection to Fake Sites
If there is a link provided, check the website without clicking on it (for example, by hovering your mouse over the hyperlink) and confirm that it’s a real Dafabet website. To know how to spot a fake website, click here.
Dafabet will never send emails with attachments unless player officially requested for one. Please ensure the email does originate from Dafabet before opening attachments, as this may be harmful and attempt to capture sensitive details.
If you are not sure if an email you received is really from Dafabet, please do not click on any link contained within and contact Dafabet Customer Support immediately. If you received a suspicious email, kindly report it to us by attaching the suspicious email to a new email and sending it to Dafabet Customer Support.
Add us on your Mailbox as your contact list to make sure that you receive all emails from Dafabet.

How to Spot Fake Application

To ensure that you will download a Real Dafabet Application, get and click the links only from Real Dafabet Websites. You can also use the checklist below to help you identify real Dafabet applications.

Check the Icon
Dafabet always uses its logo across all available or offered platforms and this can be the first thing you can notice upon downloading legit Dafabet application. Although note that some infringers can also copy this so we advise you to check our official website.
Check the Quality of the Application
Unlike Dafabet most fake applications use low-quality, pixelated images that disrupts player experience. Dafabet also provide fundamental pages like Contact Us to help you reach us, Terms and Conditions and Security Page that contains helpful information about the Dafabet.
Poor Application Contents
Dafabet ensures to provide good quality images and logos. Poor quality interfaces is one characteristic of a fake application. Most of fake applications also have incorrect use of language and spelling errors.
Unnecessary Articles
Dafabet never post articles on downloadable applications that are not related to what Dafabet product offers.
Download only from Real Dafabet Website
Dafabet does not authorize any competitor’s website or any application stores to offer or use link of Dafabet downloadable application. If you see any suspicious application, please do not install and report it to us.
Report any websites or application stress if you see any suspicious apps immediately. You can contact Dafabet Customer Support for any concerns.


A website is considered fake when it claims to be Dafabet by saying it is Dafabet, using the Dafabet logo or name, or mimics any Dafabet website. Phishing, or redirection, is the attempt of infringers to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by pretending to be Dafabet. Poaching is the way of the competitor in getting the company’s customers/players, by contacting them and badmouthing Dafabet. This could be via Skype, email, etc.

Start Reporting

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