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Report and get rewarded up to USD 20,000 in casino credits

Identify Fake vs Real

Learn how to differentiate a real Dafabet website from a fake one

To ensure that a website is a Dafabet-owned website, all of the things below must be present

  • Security Feature
    When accessing real Dafabet websites, just look for the green padlock beside URL More details

    Real Dafabet websites ensure the protection of all player details, thus Dafabet websites are now SSL-enabled, while majority of fake websites have no SSL encryption thus player details are unsafe.

    Real Dafabet Website
    Fake Dafabet Website
  • Multiple Territories Available
    Dafabet is available in multiple languages, and has multiple email addresses, and International Toll-Free Numbers More details

    Real Dafabet websites have different languages available for all of its target markets. When checking if a site is legitimate, simply click on the different languages – the website is fake when it does not have multiple languages.

    In addition to the above, Real Dafabet has multiple International Toll Free contact numbers and email addresses with Dafabet domain for its different territories, while fake websites only has one number, mostly Philippine number, starting in +63 or 0063, and one email address, usually using different email providers like GMAIL.

  • High Quality Images
    Dafabet ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images More details

    Being one of the leading online gaming and betting brands worldwide, Dafabet ensures to provide the best player experience by providing high-quality images. On the other hand, fake Dafabet websites only use low-quality, pixelated images that disrupts player experience.

  • Redirects to Dafabet Website
    All real Dafabet logo or any other images should always redirect to a Dafabet website with all the features above More details

    Phishing, or redirection, is when an infringer pretends to be Dafabet in an attempt to get sensitive player information by using Dafabet logo, or any other Dafabet image in their websites that would redirect a player to a fake or a non-Dafabet site.

  • Dafabet Does Not Authorize Its Competitors
    Dafabet is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf More details

    Many websites claim that Dafabet is blocked and has authorized its competitor to operate for them. Dafabet is not authorizing any of its competitors to operate anywhere on its behalf. When you encounter a website stating that a competitor is operating on behalf of Dafabet, this website is fake.

Report and Get Rewarded

Report any fake Dafabet website and we will reward you a bonus of up to USD 20,000 in Casino credits


A website is considered fake when it claims to be Dafabet by saying it is Dafabet, using the Dafabet logo or name, or mimics any Dafabet website. Phishing, or redirection, is the attempt of infringers to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by pretending to be Dafabet. Poaching is the way of the competitor in getting the company’s customers/players, by contacting them and badmouthing Dafabet. This could be via Skype, email, etc.

Dafabet will grant a bonus of up to USD100 in Casino credits (*T&Cs apply) once the report submitted through the report form has been authenticated, and is valid and is previously unreported. If you can provide additional verifiable information regarding the operator of the fake website that will lead to this individual's prosecution or arrest, a reward of up to USD20,000 in Casino bonus credits (*T&Cs apply) will be credited to your account.

Start Reporting

And get rewarded up to USD 20,000 in Casino credits*

Note: Kindly give us up to 20 days to validate a report


With your continuous support, Dafabet offers a reward for the report of such websites, which are not posted on the List of Fake Dafabet Websites. Dafabet will only grant a reward to unreported fake, phishing, and poaching websites made by its registered players whose registered email addresses are valid. If you are not a Dafabet player, simply register here.

To ensure that your report is not currently in the list of reported fake websites, kindly search the domain here:

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